New Release under New Romance Penname

Woohoo! This is my first release under my new romance penname, Sienna Blake!

Love Sprung From Hate is live and, boy, do I have some sales and giveaways for you!

Love Sprung From Hate cover

Love Sprung From Hate (Dark Romeo 1)

I didn’t know she was a detective, the only daughter of the Chief of Police.
I didn’t know he was a mafia Prince, heir to the Tyrell’s bloody empire.

It was only supposed to be one night.
God help me, I can’t stop thinking about that night.
So when she walked into the interrogation room, my heart almost stopped.
I can’t believe he might have tortured and killed someone.

I have to avoid her at all costs.
I will be his downfall.

So begins a deadly game of cat and mouse, of blood and lust, of love and duty, and of an attraction so fierce the consequences are inevitable…

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this is a retelling for mature audiences. Don’t enter the Underworld if you’re scared of the dark.

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Dark Romeo 2 & 3 are scheduled for July 13 & August 10 so no waiting 😉

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Good luck! And enjoy Love Sprung From Hate!

xoxo Sienna (aka Hanna)



The Afterlife of Alyx & Israel ~ only 99c

Happy Release Day to the Legends of the Damned box set!

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xxx Hanna

21 Urban Fantasy novels for only 99c!

Happy New Year my lovely readers!

Who is skint from Christmas shopping and New Year shenanigans?

*raises hand*

So, who wants to get their hands on 21 sexy, edgy Urban Fantasy novels for just 99c???

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Lots of love for 2017!

xx Hanna

5 Fantasy Books. 99 pennies…

DA1to5 Sale FB HEader

Guys, I have the MOST unbelievable once-in-a-lifetime Dark Angel sale to tell you about!

But first, some changes… Some of you may have noticed that my Dark Angel ebooks are not for sale at the moment on B&N, Kobo and iBooks. I’m now exclusive to Amazon and in their Kindle Unlimited program.
I didn’t make this decision lightly. I’ve been fighting against it for almost a year now. But unfortunately the other retailers don’t make it easy for indies like me. And Amazon’s exclusive offer is just too good. I had to go exclusive with Amazon or stop writing full-time, and you’d rather I keep writing, right?

But you don’t need a Kindle to read my books!

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angel box set 1-5 Angel Forget everything you know about angels…

You’ll likely find 18 year old Alyxandria slicing demons with her blades rather than plucking at harp strings. When Alyx meets Israel, a handsome yet mysterious mortal being hunted by demons, their friendship is forbidden. But she just can’t walk away.

Alyx and Israel will soon realize that their destinies are inexplicably tied – and that their choices will determine the fate of Earth itself…

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Bound Box Set ~ 99c release sale

The Bound series has just been released as a box set. Let’s celebrate with a sale!

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Bound box set final 1200x1600“Move out the way Sylvia Day!”

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Caden Thaine is the most sinfully beautiful man I have ever seen. But more than that, his touch sets me on fire. I know he’s hiding something. But I’m hiding things too.

I could never have imagined just how much our lives are bound. And that pulling at his tangled web of secrets would cause my own dark past to come back to try and reclaim me. Will we survive? Will our love? | | |

Happy reading!

xx Hanna

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Giveaway Winner(s) & Answer to the Afterlife Riddle

Congratulations to my various giveaway winners!

Erin M, USA won my Goodreads The Afterlife of Alyx & Israel giveaway
Deb B, USA won my VIP-exclusive Dark Angel paperback giveaway
Louise S, UK won my 10 YA Fantasy Paperback giveaway

Now that my giveaway is over I can tell you the Answer to the Afterlife Riddle…

Riddle Image

The answer to the riddle was





Riddle Office Image ANSWER

If you’ve read AFTERLIFE then you’ll know the sunflower scene. Not many people know how much the Sunflower means to me.

In 2012, my writing mentor – a man with 26 international bestsellers under his belt, the man who I owe every to – called me to tell me he was dying. With a heavy heart, I flew to Canberra to see him one last time, to spend one last week in his glorious presence.

As we were saying goodbye, he handed me a sunflower seedling, his favourite flower, grown from one of the sunflowers in his garden. He told me to collect the seeds and to ‘pass them on to create joy’ as Alyx’s mother did to Alyx in Afterlife. His last words to me were “my only regret with you, is that I won’t live to see you published”.

These words destroyed me.

Clutching my precious sunflower seedling, I flew home, stunned. Soon, shock turned to fury. And this fury forged into a steely-determination. I would prove him wrong. I would finish my first novel, and publish it before he passed away. I would prove to him that he didn’t waste his time nurturing me, encouraging me, pushing me. God dammit, I would make him proud.

In less than 6 weeks while still working an office job, I finished & edited Dark Angel 1, had the cover designed, created a website, shot a trailer, organised a blog tour. I was running on an average of 3 hours sleep a night but I had never felt so alive. Because he would see me published.

On 22 November I was told that he had passed away. Three hours later, my first book went live.

He never got to see me published. But I think he knows. His last gift to me, his sunflower, bloomed as he was leaving this earth and I don’t believe that is a coincidence. I believe it was him saying goodbye. And that he knew. And he was proud of me.

Today, the children of his sunflower have been planted across the world and I’ve run out of physical seeds. But I’ve learned the physical seeds were never the point…

I hope through my stories filled with redemption, hope and love, I’ve given you a “seed”. If I have, it’s now your turn to pass it on.

The Afterlife of Alyx & Israel is LIVE!

Happy release day for The Afterlife & Alyx & Israel! The ebook is at a special discounted price just for the next few days so don’t miss out!


Once upon a lifetime, Alyx & Israel lost each other…

In their new mortal lives, Alyx & Israel don’t remember anything about their past. And they have never crossed paths. Until some old friends decide to secretly nudge destiny along, their efforts almost destroying everything…

Now Alyx’s life lies in the balance, trapped in a coma deep within a DreamScape maze city. The only one who can help her escape is Israel, a man she doesn’t remember. They need to find a mysterious Mapmaker and solve his riddle. But is this Mapmaker hiding something?

Although this book is set years after the Dark Angel saga, it can be read as a standalone.

Special release price (save 25%):
Ebook: | | |
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Paperback: Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Createspace 

* * *

Afterlife Maining TeaserAfterlife Badass Teaser