21 Urban Fantasy novels for only 99c!

Happy New Year my lovely readers!

Who is skint from Christmas shopping and New Year shenanigans?

*raises hand*

So, who wants to get their hands on 21 sexy, edgy Urban Fantasy novels for just 99c???

Angelfire (Dark Angel #1) is part of a 21 fantasy book box set with 23 New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors and the pre-order releases today!



Pre-order today for only USD99c!

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I know you’ve all read Angelfire… but have you read the other 20 awesomesauce books in the set? I don’t think so! Over one million magical butt-kicking words!

We’re hoping to hit some big lists with this box set, and I need your help to get there. If you could pre-order today I will love you forever! Every pre-order helps.

Thank you so much.

Lots of love for 2017!

xx Hanna