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Bound by Lies (Bound #1)

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Five years ago

 “You’re hurting me, Jacob,” I choke out.

“I’m hurting you? You’re fucking hurting me, princess.” He slams his left hand against his chest and it makes a sharp deep thudding noise. “Right here. You’re hurting me right fucking here.”

I whimper as my back hits the door. This isn’t right. I shouldn’t be scared of Jacob.

Then he is on me. His lips are hard and bruising and he shoves his tongue straight into my mouth. He’s trying to wipe away any remnant of Winston from me. Jacob grunts from his throat. He pulls away and my lips tingle from being crushed. “I’m the only one who loves you, princess. I’m the only one who really cares. Winston just wants to fuck you. He doesn’t really care.”

He’s hurting. I can see in his eyes and hear in the crushing pain in his voice that he’s hurting. It hurts me that he’s hurting.

I hurt him, I realize. I upset him. I need to fix it. I press kisses to his face and run my hands across the back of his neck because I know he likes it. I know it soothes him. And he needs me to soothe him right now.

He starts to unbuckle my jeans. “He needs to know who you belong to, princess. You need to know who you belong to.”

“You. Of course, baby. I know.” It’s because Jacob loves me so much that he’s like this. He just loves me this much.

My jeans are stripped from me and kicked aside. I’m shoved back against the door, the edge of his left forearm pressing against my throat. His fingers slip inside my underwear. “He needs to fucking know who this pussy belongs to.”

I gasp as tingles rush through my body making me lightheaded. How can this feel so wrong yet so right? “Yours, baby,” I choke out. “All yours. Please, let me−”

“Mine. That’s fucking right.”

His hand pulls from my underwear then I hear a sing of metal. When I look down I see a knife gripped in his right hand. Oh God. What is he doing?

“Do you know, princess? Do you really? Or do I need to teach you a lesson?”

“No, Jacob, Please.” Oh God. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. My stomach twists and I choke on my own bitter bile. This is what horror tastes like.

He removes his forearm and I gasp for air. He places the blade against the side of my neck. The cold metal burns my skin. I squeeze my eyes shut.

He leans in, his breath hot around me. He whispers in my ear, words I will never forget.

“Your body, your blood, your life…belong to me.”