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Bound Forever (#2)


“Did you miss me?” he whispers. And I fight a shiver.

Snake shoves me into the car. He gets in behind me and Jacob gets in beside me, forcing me to the middle of the back seat. I am squashed in between the devil and the snake.

As the last car door is shut, the noise from outside disappears and suddenly I feel like I’m underwater.

Jacob leans in and tucks a lock of hair behind my ears. My skin burns at his poisonous touch and I flinch away from him. He grabs my chin and forces my head to one side so he can whisper into my ear. “You took away the one thing I loved. Now I’m going to take away yours.”

Through the window I see Garfield pushing Caden down to the ground on all fours. Even from here Caden looks defeated. His tied hands clutch the dirt as he watches the car I’m in drive away. His mouth is open in a scream. Garfield kicks him to one side and our eye contact is broken.

Now Caden is in profile as Garfield steps around him, putting them face to face. He raises his gun to Caden’s chest. Everything goes still and slow.

This isn’t happening. I feel like I’m watching a movie from the frame of the car window. It’s not real. It can’t be. If this were a movie this is when the cops would show up. Or Mick. Or someone…

But this isn’t the movies. The sound of my heartbeat thuds in my ears low and slow.

Glub, glub.

My heart swells with so much helpless fear it’s about to burst. In my head I’m begging him, No, Garfield. You’re a good man. Please. No.

But Garfield pulls the trigger. His hand recoils slightly from the shot. Caden jolts as if he has been electrocuted. A spray of blood spits out from Caden’s back and I swear I can see where the bullet has cut its deadly line across his heart. My own heart explodes with pain as if Garfield has shot me too.

Caden is frozen, held up for the tiniest of moments, shock clear in the profile of his face. Then he falls forward.

My Caden. My love. Falls into the dirt. Dead.