Now available for epub readers!

So… my exclusive agreement with Amazon has expired! I have loved being a part of their KDP Select program and it has given me all sorts of advantages as a new author but now it’s time to think bigger. (For some odd reason I get Pitbull’s voice in my head rap-singing “mr worldwide, world domination”. lol, I am so lame. For those of you who don’t know who Pitbull is, thank your lucky stars.)

The Dark Angel series has been submitted to the other big retailers (Apple, Sony, Kobo & B&N) so all Kobo/Nook/Sony reader owners will get a chance to enjoy my books too.

At the moment it is now available through Smashwords (in epub, mobi and the older sony reader format) but I will update you as the books get distributed by the others. Exciting times!

Oh… and did I mention paperback versions are in the works?! “mr worldwide, world domination” *GRIN*

Angelfire (Dark Angel #1)

Angelfire (Dark Angel #2)