Try Angelfire for FREE

In the lead up to Angelsong’s release, Angelfire will be FREE from Amazon until midnight 15th Oct (PST).

Yeh, you heard me. FREE. $0. Nada. No credit-card number needed. No risk. No catches. Like actually FREE. Think of it as a 100% money-back guarantee, except that I’m letting you keep your money upfront 😉

(Okay, maybe the catch is that you may like what you read so much you then go buy my other books. And tell all your friends about it. And take out a full page ad proclaiming this series the best you’ve ever read. Okay, maybe I am dreaming a bit on that last point.)

But why free?

Well, I’m a new author to most of you. Which means I’m a risk. Maybe you like the cover or the blurb but you’re just not so sure whether you can part with your hard earned pesos to try the Dark Angel series out. Here is your chance. But only til midnight 15th Oct (PST).

Yes, gimmie (Amazon)

Jolly good (

Sounds better than maple syrup on bacon (

What? Are you still reading this post? The buttons to buy are up there. oh? You don’t have a kindle? (um, why not? They are the bestest invention ever. apart from maple syrup on bacon.)

Well guess what? You can download a FREE kindle app from Amazon too. See? More free. Hot damn I am good to you 😉