I wanna share my secrets with you!

Here is where I will post my deleted scenes and various other extras and goodies from my books. They are all password protected (as they contain spoilers and just cause I want to give my loyal readers a lil sumthin sumthin). All the passwords will come from the books themselves.

Once you have entered the password your browser will remember it and you won’t have to re-enter the password again.

Happy secret hunting!


Angelstone – Dark Angel #2

Angelstone (Dark Angel #2) A first look inside – Password: the name of the current captain of the Clan of the Saints (starts with the letter M).

Angelstone (Dark Angel #2): Samyara’s Hidden Chapters – Password: the name of Balthazar’s sidekick (who wears a lot of purple) who helps Alyx and Jordan outside of Purgatory (starts with the letter J).

Angelsong – Dark Angel #3

Angelsong (Dark Angel #3) First Chapter – Password: the name of Alyx’s friend who is the swift (bird) who she saved from the eagle in Angelstone (starts with letter P).

Angelblood – Dark Angel #4

Angelblood (Dark Angel #4) A first look inside – Password: the name of the mortal girl who works in Purgatory who (in Angelsong) helps Alyx when she is drunk (starts with the letter C).

Bound series

Bound by Fear (Bound #2): first look inside – Password: the name of the nightclub where Kitten meets Caden (starts with the letter B).

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