How the Competition Works

WIN a copy of my next release!

When a new release is scheduled I will announce a winner picked randomly from my newsletter subscribers. You won’t be included in the entry pool for genres you don’t subscribe to (ie: you can’t win a fantasy book if you are only a romance subscriber).

The winner will be notified by email to claim their prize and will be announced in my newsletter.

If the winner would prefer, they can exchange their prize for another book chosen from my current published books.

Please feel free to contact me HERE if you have any questions or concerns if they are not already answered in the FAQs below.


I just won the second book in the series but I haven’t read the first. What can I do?
You can exchange your prize with an earlier book in the series.

I’ve just won a book but I’d prefer to read another one of your books. Can I swap my prize?
Of course! Just reply to my Winners email.

But I don’t have an ereader!
There are heaps of apps that you can download for your computer, tablet or smartphone which will allow you to read an ebook. I recommend the Kindle app (I use it to read books on my phone).