Drake / Keir: Girl Wife Prisoner retold

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drake keirDrake. Keir. Husband. Lover. You may think you know their stories, but you’d be wrong.


I am Drake Blackwell. Some call me a monster, a wicked husband, a terrible son. It’s so easy to vilify me, isn’t it?

But I’m not the cheater. I’m not the wife stealer.

Noriko was mine. She was my wife. I could have made her happy if it just wasn’t for him. That gardener boy will have his chance to tell you his side of the story.

Here’s the truth.


Noriko and I.

You already know our story. So you know how it ends. I’m sorry. Some things are irreversible.

But others things, things like dreams for example, are not. Dreams are fluid as water, as changeable as the memory of the dreamer. Perhaps, then, I may be given license to re-tell our story the way I dreamed it. The way it should have been…

What if…

Please finish reading Girl Wife Prisoner before starting this book as it contains spoilers.


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Whose side are you on? #teamDrake #teamKeir

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