Going walkabout

So, some personal news… the stars have aligned to lead me to the decision to reduce my life down to a suitcase and begin an adventure around the world. Some places I am visiting will be settings for the remaining books in the Dark Angel series (6 books in total) and the next series (a dystopian series) so don’t think I won’t be ‘working’ while I’m gypsying.

This blog will now start recording my adventures as a Gypsy/Writer across the world. Starting with Europe…

In the interim, I have set a personal challenge to try at least one new experience (be it new place, new experience, new restaurant, etc) for every day I have left here in in Brisbane, this town that I have called my home for the last +decade.

I have decided along my travels I would like to get this inked somewhere on my body:

“I will pass through this life but once,
So if I shall, let me do it now,
For now is all there ever is.”

Much love, xHanna